Chocolate Mint Raw Cake - Artisan Raw Cakes

Chocolate Mint Raw Cake - Artisan Raw Cakes
Chocolate Mint Raw Cake

In this cake, our raw ingredients come together in the most delightful fusion of flavor and excellence. Feeling the cold chill of quality peppermint invigorates your palate to truly experience the finest cacao the world has to offer. Once you taste this fan favorite – you will wonder if it might actually be the first time you’ve ever encountered REAL Chocolate Mint.

Organic cashews, filtered water, organic maple syrup, almonds, raisins, organic coconut oil, organic cacao butter, organic cacao powder, mint leaves, pure vanilla extract, peppermint extract, himalayan pink salt.

Truffles: organic cacao powder, organic cacao butter, organic maple syrup, organic coconut oil, mint extract, organic cacao nibs.
Allergen info
Gluten FREE
Refined Sugar FREE
Dairy FREE
Flour FREE
NO additives
NO preservatives
NO colouring

This product contains nuts.
Nutrition info
Amount per serving (Servings: 8)

Energy 461kcal
Fat 33.9g (of which saturates 13.4g)
Carbohydrate 33.9g (of which sugars 15.9g)
Fibre 4.8g
Protein 10.2g
Raw cakes must be refrigerated upon receipt and will keep for 5 days.

Raw cakes can also be frozen on day of delivery for up to 8 weeks. Frozen cakes should be left at room temperature for 2 hours before serving or can be thawed in a fridge overnight. Once defrosted, consume immediately.